Knit Chat at For Yarn’s Sake

Last night we had a party at For Yarn’s Sake. Apparently this happens every Tuesday evening, it is called Knit Chat and anyone can come. For those who haven’t been attending, we have been missing out!  It’s hard to beat a beautiful, well-stocked yarn store, hospitable hosts, and engaging guests for a good time. The evening flew by.

Greater Portland is a big place, and For Yarn’s Sake is an hour from my home, so I hadn’t been there in a few years.  They have a terrific on-line presence, so I have placed some orders, but I hadn’t actually seen the store since they moved to their larger location.  Wow, it is impressive.

Anne Lindquist, the owner, is extremely hands-on, and dedicated to creating a store that she would want to shop in and spend time in.  Good plan, since she is there all of the time!  She and her daughter, Julia, showcased the Annetarsia trunk show beautifully.

Here is how they displayed the Dizzy scarf, isn’t it pretty?  And that reminded me that I hadn’t shown you the finished Craftsy plaid mitt that I knit using the scarf leftovers.  I’m going to be stylishly warm this winter!

IMG_1793 IMG_1789













There were lots of terrific knitters in attendance.  About half of them had never done intarsia, so they got a chance to try it out.  The questions were engaging, and we all had a good time.  At one point, I was explaining the Annetarsia method of burying ends, and one knitter said, “You said that in the book”.  I wanted to zip around the table and hug her.  She had been reading the book!  I know, it seems obvious, but it is a Big Deal to an author when people 1) make a commitment and buy a book, and 2) actually read it and use the material.  The next step will be seeing things that people design and knit using the techniques. I can’t wait!


They sold a lot of books last night, but I am pretty sure that there are still a few left, so if you go by the store this week, check it out.

There are also books available at Twisted, and I hope that you will come to the official Annetarsia Knits launch party, at Twisted, from 5-8pm on Friday, Aug. 1st.  Everyone is invited!

I’m also getting the hang of the shipping thing, and if you order a book here, I will get an autographed copy out to you the same day!  PDF’s are being delivered immediately, as well (but I can’t sign those!)



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