New yarn for Astoria Sock! I need help choosing a final color…

I told you that something fun was coming, as I work with Kate Bachus of A Hundred Raven yarns to create a kit of colors for knitting the Astoria Sock.  I will be posting this weekend on Kate’s process, and the magic that she has made, but today I want to show you what we have so far, and solicit help on selecting the final color.

To recap, this is the original Astoria sock, knit with Miss Bab’s Yummy Toes.

Columbia Top

Astoria socks

For the book, I used fewer colors, to limit the number of skeins needed. But every one of the stripes can be knit in a different color, with Annetarsia.  And I thought that would be fun.  I asked Kate to help me by creating a kit of 8 colors, so that with one kit (totaling 400 yds), a knitter could make a pair of sock with 8 different colored stripes, all coordinated with her stunning colors.

Kate thought that I had said 7 colors, and sent me this amazing array of colors.

We need one more color for the 8th stripe.  What will it be?

We need one more color for the 8th stripe. What will it be?

Annetarsia set - 100 Ravens You can imagine how it felt to hold this springtime bouquet and see “Annetarsia on the label!  I was over the moon with joy.  But, we needed an 8th color.


I e-mailed Kate, and suggested something blue or buttery yellow.

She sent me some amazing photos of dying yarn, which I will post this weekend as a guest blog.  In the meantime, here are photos of the kit with a few of the options she came up with.  Which do you think should we choose?  Please post your choice in the blog!


IMG_2777 IMG_2776 IMG_2775A.  Blue sky

B. Sweet violet

C. Butter yellow






  1. Nancy Applegate

    We’re now in a tie — maybe its the midwesterner in me, but I like the sweet violet

  2. LisaB

    I haven’t been able to decide. First I liked the blue, then I liked the violet, then I decided I liked the yellow because it would give more pop. I am no help at all!

    • annetarsia

      I know how you feel, Lisa! Every color looks perfect…until you look at the next one. It’s a nice problem to have, though.

      • LisaB

        I’m back to say that I’ve decided on yellow. I really like the burst of something bright with the others.

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