The “New Normal”

Life is different, now.  Not only is “Annetarsia Knits” finished, it is out there, all around the world, and people like it!  I’m thrilled that everyone (so far) thinks my baby book is beautiful, valuable, and fun to have around.  I love autographing books, wrapping them up and taking them to the post office – thinking about where they are going and wishing that I could meet their knitter in person.

I’m also working on new patterns – whatever made me think that knitters would be satisfied with the many patterns in the book? Silly me.  So, new ones are coming – test knitters are knitting, patterns are being laid out, and I’m starting to imagine new designs.  Some are easy, some are complex, but they all will be fun to knit – that is the heart of Annetarsia.

I’m also developing a new class, for me to teach in Yarn stores, rather than at events.  Yarn stores have a different vibe, and the class needs to reflect that.  This new class is going to cover all of the basics of Annetarsia – yarn management, burying ends, reading charts, knitting intarsia flat with stockinette and garter stitches, or ITR.  It will be divided into 2 3H sessions, and the project is a bag worked ITR, with a flap closure.  I worked on the sample project this morning, and the photo, shown below, is the flap.


None of the ends are buried yet, so my first sts look just as wonky as yours do. That is just the way it is, and there is nothing wrong with it. I have no problem ignoring a mess that I have complete control of, and will be eliminating easily at a time of my choosing. :)

I’ll be teaching this class for the very first time at For Yarn’s Sake, in Beaverton, in September.  So if you are in the area, watch for details at For Yarn’s Sake.   Annetarsia should be on the calendar soon.

I am also working with Hand-dyer extraordinaire Kate Bachus of A Hundred Ravens, on a kit of yarns to knit the Astoria Sock.  We are going to co-host a KAL, and choosing the colors to use is proving to be all kinds of fun.  We might even ask for a little help from all of you!

My classes for Stitches East are almost full, but there might be a few spots available, and I would love to see you in class.  Any class!  They are all such fun.

There are a few more things in the works, believe it or not.  I’m going to keep you waiting on a few things…



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