Finished object Alert!

“Diagonal Ribbons” is ready to wear!  This type of deconstructed garment is a bit out of my wheelhouse, which is partly why I decided to knit it.  Because the stainless steel sections are transparent, what you put under it really matters.

IMG_1453 IMG_1920










The sections are all a bit different in length, again due to the stainless steel – which sort of does what it wants to, even when blocked.  So it shifts about, and that makes it look different from all angles.

Diagonal ribbon blue diagonal ribbon brown










It will be fun to see how many ways that I can find to wear this!


Also, this happened over the weekend.  Boston marathon acceptance



Since I am concentrating on not walking with a limp, at the moment, this is a big leap of faith.  But I am proud and happy to have qualified, and this gives me motivation to come all the way back, wiser and stronger than before.

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