Annetarsia multi-tasking: Working out while learning from Lucy Neatby!

lucy classMy hip is getting stronger, and I am walking without pain, now.  So, it is time to get ready to run.  I’m starting out slowly, walking on the treadmill.  This seemed a great opportunity to take some Craftsy classes.  Watching great teachers makes me a better teacher, and I don’t get to take classes anymore, since I am occupied by teaching! I’m going to learn some new things, and share my experience, here.

First up, is Lucy Neatby’s class, “My First Socks”.  Experienced knitters might not think of taking this class, but take it from me, you can always learn something from Lucy.  I took as many of her classes as I could, in the early 90’s when I was starting to knit.  She is a fantastic teacher.  Her mind comes up with all sorts of stuff, and she communicates clearly and beautifully.

Today, I walked for 2 miles and got through Lesson 2. Already I’ve learned a better method for teaching the Long-tail cast-on. Lucy doesn’t just do it, she breaks it down so that you truly UNDERSTAND what is happening.  It isn’t just a fun game with your fingers that gets you a very easy to knit cast-on.  Also, I love her “express-slipping” method for transferring sts quickly from one needle to another.  I can’t wait to see more tomorrow, but 2 miles is enough for today – I have to make myself go slowly.  Those of you who know me, know how hard this is for  me.

I’m enjoying Lucy’s class very much, and will continue the review as I go through the class.  Sign up here and watch with me, at a discount!  Here is  Lucy’s website for more information on patterns, classes, her schedule, etc.  It was just announced that she will be at Madrona Fiber Arts retreat in February.  Check it out.






  1. Thanks so much for your review Anne. I too kill treadmill time by watching Craftsy classes. I wish you all the best with your recovery. Congratulations too on the success of your new book. It’s much akin to giving birth!

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