My first sweater : Argyle Boyfriend sweater (1984)

I learned to knit as a child, but did not stick with it. I learned again in college when I studied in Ireland my junior year. I knit a cabled scarf, and crocheted an afghan with borrowed tools from my host family. When I returned home to the US, I got busy with school and forgot about knitting and crocheting, again. In my last year of graduate school, I fell in love and wanted to do something special for my boyfriend, and decided to knit him a sweater. I have no idea what prompted that impulse, and obviously had no idea there was a potential curse involved. Having no money, I gravitated to the Red Heart acrylic at a local dime store. Inside the ball band was a pattern for a crew-neck Argyle sweater. The yarn was dirt-cheap, and there was a lot of it. I had learned to knit on straight needles in Ireland, and was a little confused by all of the circular needles in the store. They looked pretty scary. I finally found some “real” needles, metal straights, and set about making a sweater.

I didn’t know a thing about intarsia. No clue. But I could see from the chart that I was supposed to put the colors in different places, and it seemed easy enough. I vividly remember looking down to my feet and seeing the three different color skeins on the floor as I moved them around to untangle them. I didn’t know about bobbins or butterflies, and knit directly from each skein!

Most of the sweater was solid color, as the only argyle was one motif on the front, and I managed just fine. Bill loved his sweater. I had oodles of yarn left, so I reversed the colors and made another one for myself.

By the way, the boyfriend curse did not affect me. Bill and I were married April 1985, and have been happy ever since. I’ve made us a few more sets of matching sweaters along the way, but these first argyles have a special place in my heart. They will last forever, too, made out of Red Heart acrylic. Mine still looks as good as it ever did, 30 years later.


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Anne and Bill Berk, Christmas 1984

Anne and Bill Berk, Christmas 1984

Anne in the argyle sweater, Christmas 2014

Anne in her argyle sweater, Christmas 2014

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