Underwood sweater: Finished the body, and one set-in sleeve cap

I’ve finished the body for “Underwood”, and I couldn’t be happier.  The length is 3 in. too long, according to the pattern for my size.  This means that when the sweater shrinks 3 inches in blocking, it should fit perfectly.  I love this yarn for the sweater, and the color.  The reason I am knitting the pattern is to test Elizabeth Doherty’s method for knitting a set in sleeve from the top down, and it is very interesting.  The pick up ratio is generally to pick up a stitch in 75% of the rows (I cover this, in my Master Gauge class).  She throws this out the window.  I picked up 100% of the sts at the top of the sleeve, 50% down the sides, and 25% at the bottom of the sleeve.  Let me tell you, it is very hard to go against long-time habit, but I was totally here for it!  In my world, this is Risky Business, and a wild adventure.  Some would say that I need to get a life!  Really, though, it’s not that risky.  The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work, and you rip it out and start again.

However, of course it worked. Kudos to Doherty, who is obviously a genius. Even unblocked, the sleeve looks great.  I haven’t tried it on, yet, but I don’t really need to.  This looks like the sleeve cap of my dreams.

Doherty sleeve cap

Doherty set-in sleeve cap, knit top-down, unblocked

I’m looking forward to finishing both sleeves, blocking the sweater, and trying it on!  This has been a good exercise in breaking the rules, trusting the gauge swatch and the math.  Also, discovering an amazing designer.  I may knit every pattern in this e-book, they all look terrific.  I know that some of you won’t believe it all works until you see the blocked, completed sweater.  Don’t worry, I will post pictures of myself modeling it!

unblocked sweater body, 3 inches longer than the pattern calls for, to allow for expected shrinkage.

The unblocked body measures 25″ long, 3 inches longer than called for in the pattern for my size. This means that when blocked, and shrinks 3 inches, the sweater will be the correct length.

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