A New Link to Intarsia

Annetarsia Knits is an all-new book that will teach you a brand-new way to knit intarsia. This isn't your grandmother's intarsia. Instead, it's easy, fast, and fun.

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"What Cat Bordhi did for sock knitting, Anne Berk just may do for intarsia. With a new book, "Annetarsia Knits," that showcases a revolutionary technique, she takes a design element that's simultaneously admired and feared and makes it accessible and downright inspiring. "Anne's elegant technique for intarsia in the round transforms something we knitters have struggled with into a nimble, even joyful, process," Bordhi says. "Her solution is so beautiful that you will wonder why it hasn't always been done this way; from now on it will be." Mary Mooney, the Oregonian