Annetarsia Knits

A new knitting technique for Intarsia, created by Anne Berk. Create single-layer colorwork in fresh ways. Knit flat or seamless intarsia in the round (ITR). Use two or twenty colors, whatever your imagination will allow. For the intrepid adventurer who will open the mind to new possibilities...

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Annetarsia in the Media

This brand-new technique for knitting intarsia has been turning some heads! Check out what people are saying!

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Ever wonder what it must be like to have a full-time job as an optometrist, design your own knitwear, and teach nationally? Well, here is your chance! Check out the blog!

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From The Blog

Instead of keeping with the status quo and saying no to the question, Can we knit Intarsia in the round? Anne took a leap, and a loop! She took that leap of faith that the brave, creative and curious do that open doors to new ways of thinking, seeing and doing. Thanks to Anne\'s fabulous brain, persistence, and hard work, the answer to the question -Can we knit Intarsia in the round?- is now a resounding yes! Annetarsia Knits is a wonderful, well thought, written and knit book. A definite must for any knitters library. --Tina Newton