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A new knitting technique for Intarsia, created by Anne Berk. Create single-layer colorwork in fresh ways. Knit flat or seamless intarsia in the round (ITR). Use two or twenty colors, whatever your imagination will allow. For the intrepid adventurer who will open the mind to new possibilities...

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This brand-new technique for knitting intarsia has been turning some heads! Check out what people are saying!

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Ever wonder what it must be like to have a full-time job as an optometrist, design your own knitwear, and teach nationally? Well, here is your chance! Check out the blog!

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  • “Stumptown Slouch”- a fun, fast hat to knit for the Fall season!

    One of my favorite patterns in “Annetarsia Knits” is the Rose City Hat.  I have knit several of them, and for a quick knit it packs a lot of visual punch.  After I had the pattern thoroughly memorized, I decided […]

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  • Smooth operator Socks – a Fun summer knit!

    My friend Susan Anderson released a pattern for a smooth stockinette sock which showcases self-striping yarn.  I happen to have a stash of such yarn, and jumped at the chance to check out this pattern, the Smooth Operator sock.  The […]

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  • Agate Ripples is finished, and I love it!

    I have found, over time, that the sweaters that I wear most are lightweight, which means thin yarn, small needles and lots and lots of stitches.  Fortunately, I am knitting all of the time, anyway, so lots of stitches don’t […]

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  • The consequences of Stripes

    I have finished knitting Agate Ripples. (pattern by Laura Bryant, Knitters Mag Fall 2015)  Stripes are easy to knit, but it takes practice to not worry about how it is going to look when done, as you randomly select each […]

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  • Ode to Crochet

    Working with yarn in lots of different ways keeps crafting fresh for me.  I was inspired to make Marly Bird’s “Lacy Pineapple Shawl” when I saw her wearing it at Stitches South, and when she made a YouTube tutorial for […]

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  • Stripey goodness

    While waiting for the launch of my newest Craftsy class, Fun with Custom Colorwork (launches TOMORROW, and enter HERE to win the new class absolutely free!), I have been continuing to work on the Agate Ripples cardigan that I am […]

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  • Something’s coming…

    My third Craftsy class is launching on June 6th, and here are the first photos from the shoot.  Of all the classes I have ever taught, this is the one closest to what I, personally, love to knit.  I hesitate […]

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  • Personal Knitting time!

    I have been working intensely on samples for a terrific new Craftsy class I just completed filming.  It’s hard for me not to talk about it, but we are scheduled to launch June 6, which is right around the corner, […]

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  • StephenBe meets Annetarsia

    I didn’t mean to do it.  Honestly, I had the best intentions to follow direction when I asked StephenBe to help me pick yarns to knit his pattern, the Shawlvest, when we were both at StitchesWest.  I carefully listened as […]

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  • Card weaving – Let’s be a Beginner again!

    Learning new crafts is such fun, and a luxury when you have basically 2 careers and a full life.  I had the chance to take a class from John Mularkey at Madrona Fiber Arts, to learn basic card weaving, and […]

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Instead of keeping with the status quo and saying no to the question, Can we knit Intarsia in the round? Anne took a leap, and a loop! She took that leap of faith that the brave, creative and curious do that open doors to new ways of thinking, seeing and doing. Thanks to Anne's fabulous brain, persistence, and hard work, the answer to the question -Can we knit Intarsia in the round?- is now a resounding yes! Annetarsia Knits is a wonderful, well thought, written and knit book. A definite must for any knitters library. --Tina Newton

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