Tapering is a term in running which refers to reducing the workload as you approach a race – to be fresh to do your best.  It is a difficult period for most runners, because you get anxious that you will lose ground when you are not actively training.

I am currently starting to taper for the Portland marathon, which is in 3 short weeks, so I “only” ran 16 miles this Saturday.  Of course, then I ran 8 miles on Sunday, so I still did a pile of mileage – just over 2 days.  I need to reduce my effort significantly, but I am tapering my “taper”.  Right?

As usual, I am finding parallels between my running and my knitting.  My part of the Book is done, and other people are working hard to pull it all together.  I am not allowed to change or add anything, but I can’t seem to stop knitting patterns from the content.  I think this is a good sign, that I still love them, and they still work when I knit them.  But really, I need to move on!  I knit two Rose City hats this week, and they will be gifts to folks who contributed their time and energy to the Book, and will love the hats.  And, since I really liked the yarn for one of them, I am going to knit one for myself.  Then I will be DONE.  (Yeah, right)  If you want to see a sneak peek of “Annetarsia Knits”, check out the new e-mail sign up page, here on the website.

Anyway, I am back to working on the Roseleaves tunic, which I love, immensely.  And, I have a new project to distract me.  Linda Cortwright sent a design for Dreaming of Shetland, but she didn’t send a finished sample.  It took awhile for us to notice this, but when we did, I volunteered to knit the project.   And look what they sent me to knit with!  Today is a good day.  This project should distract me as I try not to feel guilty for running less in the next few weeks.

Artyarns Cashmere 2

Artyarns Cashmere 2

Artyarns Cashmere 2


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