Astoria Sock KAL – the 8th color

A bit ago, you will remember that I asked for help in picking an 8th color for a special kit to knit the Astoria sock, teaming with Kate Bachus of A Hundred Ravens.  For a refresher, see here.

There was no real consensus, as all the colors Kate dyed as possibilities were wonderful.  But there was universal appreciation for the soft yellow, and that is what we chose.  Here are the 8 colors, in their mini-skein glory, ready to become a swirly, sunny pair of socks.

IMG_1932 IMG_1931










I’ll be knitting a pair of socks, while A Hundred Ravens and I figure out details of how and when to make the kits available – so stay tuned!  There will be announcements here, and on our respective Ravelry pages.  I am very excited about this project!  As the days promise to get shorter and darker, these sunny colors on my needles will be very welcome.

Tomorrow I leave for Craftsy central, to film a new class that I have been having lost of fun preparing.  It doesn’t have to do with intarsia, but that is the only hint you are getting.  Although after it comes out, if you re-read my blog you will see that hints have been creeping in, very subtly.  I am looking forward to seeing the Craftsy team, again!

While you wait, take advantage of Craftsy’s fall sale, which is a terrific opportunity to try something new and different.  Click here.  If you haven’t joined my class, Next Steps in Intarsia, this is a great time to sign up!




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