Christmas gift ideas for fiber lovers

My mailbox is stuffed with bargains/coupons/ads, etc, as the Christmas shopping season is in full swing.  Let’s face it, none of us really needs anything, but if you are going to give Christmas presents (and of course, we are) it might as well be something that will be personal, fun, and support the fiber community that we all love.  Here is a list of ideas that I have come up with.  And yes, if you get a present from me, it might be from this list….

1.  Zoom loom.  I bought mine from Webs, but your LYS may carry them.  If you know a knitter with some extra stash lying around, trust me.  They will love this.  It is little – ergo, cute and non-threatening, but you can make amazing cloth with this gizmo.  When everyone has one, the world will be a better place.  So, while you are at it, buy one for yourself so that you can make….

2. Coasters, scarves and placemats – made with the Zoom loom.  Squares can easily be sewn or crocheted together to make larger fabric.


Here is the cotton block, with 2 blocks woven with 100% wool.

Here is a cotton block, along with 2 blocks woven with 100% wool.

3. A book.  A real, physical book that they can hold in their hands and not need electricity or internet to read.  What a concept!  Specifically, how about a copy of “Annetarsia Knits”?  If you would like to give a loved one a copy of my book, order it here on the website.  Send me an email and let me know that you ordered it and who the book is for.  I will autograph it to them, send it to you at your PayPal address, and refund the $6 shipping/handling cost (in US).  Merry Christmas!

AK advance






4. A skein of yarn that makes you think of the person you are giving it to.  Make sure that it has good yardage so that they can make a project without buying more yarn.  400-450 yds is good.  The staff at the yarn store will be happy to help you, they can tell you what your knitter could make from any particular skein.  I know it is hard to believe, but knitters never get tired of getting new yarn.

5. A ball winder or swift.  These are the tools that are used to wind skeins into usable balls.  If the knitter/weaver/crocheter in your life doesn’t have one or the other of these tools, they need one.  This is the kind of thing that sales/coupons and discounts are handy for, because they are not inexpensive items.  But getting one under the Christmas tree is the equivalent of getting a bicycle when you are 10 years old, so go for it!  Actually, even if they have both tools, duplicates are handy, if not essential.  If you see a good sale, pick one up.

6.  A Craftsy class.  There is something for everyone: Cooking, weaving, knitting, crochet, gardening, sewing, cake decorating…you name it!  There will be an amazing sale this weekend, and you can get something for everyone on your list.

If you would like to give someone my class “Next Steps in Intarsia”, click HERE for a 50% discount.

7.  If you are a knitter looking for a fun and fast project for gift-giving, I recommend the “Off-Kilter” shawlette. The Yaksi fingering yarn from Blue Moon Fiber arts is fantastic to work with, so it will be rewarding for the giver as well as the recipient.  I love mine!  Here I am wearing mine to the office this week.  I got TONS of compliments on it.


And for shopping over the holiday weekend….

8.  Craftsy supplies, kits, classes – on huge Black Friday sale!  Click HERE!

Everything is on sale.  All classes, tons of kits, yarn…it’s unbelievable.  I filled my cart and can’t wait to start knitting gifts for Christmas and into the New Year.


9. Classes for your KBFF’s (Knitting Best Friends Forever).  Check out your LYS for ideas locally (personally, I am teaching at The Naked Sheep, in Portland – during December and January, and I can’t wait to visit the store).  Upcoming national events that I am looking forward to are Stitches West and Madrona Fiber Arts (both in February), and Interweave Yarn fest (April)  My classes are filling up, but there are lots of fabulous classes available and you can give the gift of being with lots of fiber enthusiasts!  What could be better?



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