work in progress

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2015 was amazing, and I want to thank the Naked Sheep Knit Shop and For Yarn’s Sake for making me welcome over the weekend.  I bought yarn for some new projects that I can’t even think about casting on, because 1) Daylight Savings time kicked my butt this year  2) “Dr. Anne” has been super-busy this week, and I am exhausted when I get home (see #1), and 2) an unexpected big opportunity showed up with a really short deadline, and everything else is being pushed aside for a bit.

So, my evenings have been spent swatching, swatching, and swatching some more.  I always learn from every swatch – but they do take lots of time, space and yarn.  My work space is a mess and this weekend I have to get organized!  I wish I could share the swatches with you, but these works in progress has to stay under wraps.

Because of my vow to always do some personal knitting every day, I have been making progress on “Ziggy Zaggy”, and that I can show you!  Also, I sneaked one photo this weekend on the Yarn Crawl.  The Naked Sheep Knit shop was hopping, and I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot.

Wish me luck this weekend, as I knit as fast as I can on swatches, organize for next month’s classes, and get a long run in for my marathon training.  Yikes!IMG_2448 IMG_2454