• Stripey goodness

    While waiting for the launch of my newest Craftsy class, Fun with Custom Colorwork (launches TOMORROW, and enter HERE to win the new class absolutely free!), I have been continuing to work on the Agate Ripples cardigan that I am making out of stash Koigu.  I chose some solid and varigated skeins from really old stash, and am striping with a Fibonacci sequence, attempting for true random color.  I am using row counts of 1, 2, 3 and 5, but mixing them up  as I feel like it.  The pattern starts with simple stripes, and then after a few inches, some chevron shaping gets inserted every few rows.   Brillantly designed by Laura Bryant, this is very simple, comfort knitting with just enough things to keep it interesting.  I am very happy with how the fabric looks, and this is a great use for my stash yarn. However, I like her original sweater so much (I saw a sample at Stitches West) that I still might buy her kit and make another one.

    Knitters know that I love working with stripes, and I was able to share many of the projects I’ve knit with stripes in my second Craftsy class, Simply Stunning Colorwork.  I’ll be adding this sweater to the project page for that class.  If you haven’t joined that class yet, come along!  Click HERE for a 50% discount code!

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    Koigu PPM for Agate Ripples, by Laura Bryant

    Koigu PPM for Agate Ripples, by Laura Bryant

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