The Musk Ox Project, #CraftCruises

We had learned about wild Musk Ox at Arctic Qiviut, and at the Animal Research farm at the University of Fairbanks, but there is an actual Musk Ox farm which we visited on the way to Anchorage.  Here they raise Musk Ox, and harvest their down when it sheds.  They are not domesticated, but are very happy and calm, and it was great to see the herd. They take very good care of the animals, and bring them into the barn for weighing, brushing, and medical care.

Of course, there is a store, with yarn, supplies, and various things made with Qiviut. It is very well done, and they are doing very good work there to support the wonderful animals.

Photographing a musk ox being photographed!

The Musk Ox farm.

This is a baby musk ox! They look a little like furry pigs, to me. We were lucky to visit the Musk Ox farm when babies were being born.

Musk ox families! The tires are for them to butt with their heads, so they don’t beat up on each other…