I get by with a LOT of help from my friends

Dominic, putting together a YouTube video for Annetarsia

2020 was really tough, and wore a lot of people down, including me.  2021 is looking brighter, but I’m so exhausted from 2020 that I’m going to be in recovery mode for awhile.  My optometric practice, and teaching with VKL have been my priorities, and this website hasn’t just taken a back seat, it hasn’t even made it inside the car!  The neglect took its toll, and now that I am trying to dip a toe back into social media and communicating more with the outside world, something had to be done.  I upgraded my website technology, but now what?  I’ve never understood how this stuff works, and dealing with it shoots my anxiety levels through the roof.

Coincidentally, Donna Druchunas and I have been co-designing an intarsia in-the-round shawl for her annual pi-shawl MKAL (mystery knit-a-long).  I will do a blog post about that next.  It is a very cool shawl, a fun knit, and I’m proud of it.  As it happens, her husband Dom is a computer whiz, as well as being co-owner of Sheep to Shawl.  He has graciously helped with my website in the past, when I got stuck on something.  OK, basically anything that wouldn’t be obvious to a kindergartner. Well, migrating the website to a new platform was completely out of my comfort zone, and although it migrated without blowing everything up, it didn’t look right, and I was lost.

Dom virtually held my hand, and worked behind the scenes to fix things and explain them to me (for instance, I couldn’t figure out how to LOG IN to the new site, the button disappeared.  WTH????)  Dom is so sweet, and I would knit him something, but he is married to Donna Druchunas and I don’t suspect that he lacks for knitwear.  I will think of something.  I adore him, and am very grateful for not only sharing his expertise, but also being so extremely kind about it.

Donna, Dominic, and Donna’s mother Joyce are three of my favorite people in the world.  During this difficult era, which can be very depressing and lonely, we need to really appreciate the kindness and love that others show to us.  Everyone is having a hard time, too, and those who still manage to brighten the lives of others deserve celebration.

Donna Druchunas and her mother, Joyce, at their favorite cafe for breakfast. Handknit sweaters, of course!

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