Sock Knitting: Vogue Knitting Book 1939 pattern

Cute sock, sport-weight and no heel shaping!


Here is the post for those who attended “Knitting Through Time” at VKL to ask questions and share comments.  I’d love to know what publications have influenced YOU during the time you have been knitting, and what your favorite resources are.  Don’t be shy, there are no wrong opinions.  We all learn and explore differently, which is why we are so lucky to have had so many options, over the decades.  I sure do value personal interaction, above all, so….let’s go!






  1. I love Knitting Without Tears and Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It’s like having your favorite aunt chat with you about knitting. Vogue Knitting was my first knitting reference book in the 1980s. I owned a ton of VK, Vogue, and Interweave Knits magazines, but I’ve pared the collection back quite a bit. My book stash exceeds my yarn stash!

  2. I remember paring down my magazine stash, a few years ago, but I still seem to have a lot of them! I got rid of duplicate copies, and some of the magazines that were fringy, and didn’t last long. The keepers were VK, Knitters and Interweave/Piecework. I also have a complete set of Handwoven, the Interweave weaving magazine. The ancient mags from my mom and gramma are pretty spotty, because I only snagged a few of them and I’m not sure how I got those! Not everyone saves every copy, I guess? I have so many knitting books that even my dad (who was a literature professor and owned quite a library) was surprised at how many I owned. My collection of literature is pretty big, but I definitely own more books about knitting!

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