• annetarsia

      I sent you an email and a link. Let me know if you still have trouble!

      Thanks, Anne

  1. Paula Blazer

    Thanks. I’m eager to get the book! I like fun knitting. Meeting you at the Snohomish Knit Guild meeting was a treat.

  2. Lisa Dawson

    Love your work! It was wonderful to meet you at Madrona. Thank you for the free pattern, ‘Argyle ornament’.
    Anticipating the new book!

    • annetarsia

      Thanks so much, Lisa! Now that Christmas is over, I’m planning another pattern for subscribers, so watch for that. (Although, argyle ornaments in pastel colors look great on a “Spring time tree”. I had a friend make a tabletop little tree for Easter, and it was super cute)

  3. Jude Tarrant

    It was grand to meet you at Medrona and I’m so looking forward to the book!

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