Sock Summit memories

Word is spreading that there will not be another Sock Summit.  I am sad, but not surprised. This was a world-class, huge event which was basically designed and run by two people who have very busy lives and work schedules, and live 3000 miles apart.  The fact that Tina Newton and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee could make this happen once was amazing – let alone twice.  Sock Summit was hugely important to me, personally and professionally.  I looked back into my archives and pulled some photos to share.  These are just from Day Two of Sock Summit ’09.  Every day was filled with amazing moments like these.

With Meg Swansen. I am wearing her design, the Mananita lace poncho. I remember knitting it. In order to create the big holes, you increase 18 times into one stitch. It takes a leap of faith to knit this, but Meg never leads you astray. The icelandic yarn stretched, but never broke.  Notice that she is keeping close to me while I hold the EZ sock.  I don’t blame her!

The sock I am holding was knit by Elizabeth Zimmerman!  It is the sock with the shaped arch, and this shaping makes the most comfortable sock, ever. I still can’t believe that I got to hold an EZ artifact. It should be in a museum! Sock Summit was filled with this kind of moment. I still can’t get over it.

This captures the first time I met Ann Budd. She happened to be in a class, I recognized her and got all fan-girly, and she let me take her photo. Now I am working with her as she edits my book-in-progress. I’ll bet she doesn’t even remember this!

Sitting next to Barbara Walker! Barbara is wearing a sweater knit with Mosaic Knitting, a technique that she invented.  I was knitting a Nancy Bush design, an Estonian shawl. Every time I wear it, I think of this moment.


  1. Kaylynn

    Anne! You didn’t have a blog before now?? Slacker! Hahaha I love these Sock Summit moments you’ve shared. They were both amazing experiences for me also, especially the first one. What treasured memories. I’m sad to hear there won’t be another, but certainly understand why. How blessed we are to have been able to participate in such awesome (dare I say…EPIC?) times!!

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