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So, I am starting a blog.  It is not that I have been avoiding it, exactly, I was just positive that this was not in my future.  No one would call me shy, but I am a private person.   However, I have been persuaded (looking at you, Hunter Hammersen ) to give this a try.  I love sharing my passions for knitting, yarn, running, and teaching, and this is just a new way to do that.  All I have to do is talk about what I love, and hopefully you will find it interesting. Maybe you will even respond.

Hunter talked me into this about 6 weeks ago, and I really meant to dive in.  But I taught at Madrona, and Stitches West, so I wasn’t home.  Then I had to go through the backlog of stuff that didn’t get done when I was gone.  Life happens.  If I am going to fit a blog in, I am going to just have to put something out there and not worry about making it perfect.  Perfect isn’t possible, anyway, and I am pretty good at being happy with what I get, in knitting and in life.  So, here goes!

Little things matter:

My family has been giving me sheep for years, now.  My collection has grown to the point where a sheep has to be pretty special to be admitted to the party.  This little guy was one of the first to arrive.  He is knitting a sock with toothpicks, and this photo is one of my favorites.  It always makes me smile.

In the past few years time for personal knitting has been scarce, so I have moved reluctantly from sweaters to smaller projects such as shawls.  But little items like socks for a sheep don’t generally slip into the agenda.  Seeing this photo makes me think that small things like this have real value, and I should do more household items that I can see everyday.  They remind us of the joy our crafting brings, and that small things matter.

So, I am going to try to post here on a regular basis, and celebrate the little things that keep me going, make me laugh, and that I am grateful for.


  1. Gwen Fuller

    Since I retired a few years ago and finally learned to knit a year ago, what special times I’ve had in the fiber/knitting community. Yes, it is the special small things that bring so many great memories to mind. Thank you for your blog.

  2. bobbie howard

    I like this window into your private passions. Thanks for sharing this little bit of ewe with us… As for toothpick knitting, I still have so much to learn! welcome to the Blogospere. Hugs, Bobbie

  3. Oh Hooray! I promise it’s great fun once you figure out how to make the computer do what you want it to do (admittedly, that can be an ongoing process). But it looks great, and I’m sure you’ll feel at home in no time!

    And man, I’m jealous of anyone who thinks a shawl is a small project…I’m more in the ‘a sock is too much knitting…how about a hat’ camp!

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