Busy, busy week

This rain at night and clear during the day weather is really working for me.  Wonder how long we can keep it up.  Several projects made progress this week, which contributes to my cheery mood.  The Dreaming of Shetland project, a dream-funder for Deb Robson, has been rolling right along.  Bill is doing final polishing of the photos, and I packaged up all of the projects to send back to the designers.  It was a big pile. 

The project sort of took on a life of its own, as Deb is greatly beloved.  As the list of participants grew, so did the work load, but that is a wonderful problem to have.  The collection of projects is fantastic, and I can’t wait for all of you to see it.

I finished the back of Mithril, and it took almost exactly one skein of Plucky Single.  That tiny ball is all that was left.  Of course, I planned it that way…yeah, right.  Sometimes you get lucky.  I’ve started on the front, and am really enjoying the knitting.  This is borderline movie knitting, as every 6th row I need to do the texture clusters, but I am going to see Star Trek tomorrow and have decided to take my chances.  I’m too busy to think about a 2nd project right now.

The Book  continues to progress. Bill will get back to the Book photos once he finished the Shetland ones.  I am going over Ann’s edits of the text and patterns.  Everyone warns me that no matter how many people go over the projects multiple times, errors always slip through.  But I’m going to try my best to beat the odds. I’m having a good time going over the patterns again, comparing them to the samples, and going over each piece meticulously. Then, when virtual knitting gets to be too much, I retreat to mindlessly knit on Mithril and clear my head.  Seems to be a good mix for me, I’m having a good time.

Levana is a FO, and I love how it turned out.  Levana’s designer, Sivia Harding, is a contributor to Dreaming of Shetland.  She came to the house to pick up her project, so that I didn’t have to mail it.  Not one to miss an opportunity like this, I had Bill take a picture of Levana with me and Sivia.  What a thrill! Sivia assured me that there is no proper way to wear Levana.  It is going to be a very versatile accessory.

Jedi is the only one around here who is slacking off!

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