Plucky Knitters just wanna have fun!

A gathering of knitters is always special, but some events are magic. Sarah Dimond and Lorilee Beltman created an atmosphere of beauty and harmony last weekend in Holland, MI, and everyone there was enchanted. We knit, learned, laughed and ate. A lot. The presence of a “pop-up” yarn store FILLED with Plucky yarn certainly contributed to the happy mood.

There were trips to the “left coast”, and Lake Michigan. We had successful, joyful classes, and parties in the evenings.

Big Red at sunset

Julie knit a baby sweater “on Tuesday” as a swatch for class, and left class with a completed project!

Annie inserted a zipper beautifully into this sweater, during class. Great job!

I fell in love with Western Michigan, Plucky yarn and Plucky knitters. Plucky yarn is amazing, and I will be knitting and blogging about it, so stay tuned. Yarn dyer extraordinaire Sarah Dimond personally helped me pick out some palettes to play with for argyles.

These skeins just jumped into my bag. Imagine that!

That is THE Sarah Dimond, holding another argyle color palette. I can’t wait to play with the colors!

Check out the Plucky Knitter forum on Ravelry to join their universe. They are welcoming and delightful!

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