The calm before the storm

Next weekend is the photoshoot for The Book. A dozen people are going to be involved in styling, modeling and photographing projects, and organizing this event reminds me of wedding preparations. Food, housing, picking up people from the airport – there are a lot of details involved. But no knitting. It’s all done, organized into bins. So, I am free to do some personal knitting!

I’m really not fond of UFO’s, so before diving into my new Plucky stash, I decided that I really needed to finish Oaken Dreams. It has been worked on a bit at a time, and really suffered for it. I don’t have any pre-blocking shots because I was so tired of the project when it was done that I just wanted to block it! But, wow, did it turn out beautifully. I love it!

Oaken Dreams, designed by Sivia Harding. Yarn is Sunshine Yarns Single ply. Kit #2 from Mezzaluna Club

Close-up of the lace and beading detail. The beads give it just the right amount of weight and solidity. Can’t wait to wear it to work!

So much that I was inspired to cast on for the third project in the Mezzaluna Club, Levana

Levana in progress. I finished the square that is the center of the shawl, and you can see the beaded picot edging on the right. On top, I’m starting the left side of the shawl. Unblocked lace always looks like a jumbled mess to me, which only makes the blocked result more magical. I never get over it. Sort of like a good mattress stitch. It makes me happy.

Hey, I was on a roll! All of a sudden, I am loving lace and beads. Sivia is a brilliant lace designer, and knitting a well-written pattern by someone else is like a knitting vacation for me. No pressure, I just follow along. Whee!

Somehow, we thought that right in the middle of planning this photoshoot was a great time to get a new kitten! Actually, just like children, there really isn’t a right or wrong time to bring someone into the family. We lost our beloved cat Pasha to old age recently, and our remaining cat, Jasmine, was lonely. We have been looking for a suitable kitten, and got the call that one we had expressed interest in was available. So, welcome Jedi to the family!

Jedi Obi-Wan kitten-obi (Jedi, for short) is a Bengal kitty, 11 wks old. She has a loud rumbly purr and a sweet disposition. I know all kitties are adorable, but she is pretty special.

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