• Another milestone

    upcoming projects

    Chelsea’s shawl, and training for the Portland marathon – that’ll keep me busy!

    I’ve been working really hard on assembling all of the pieces of the Book, getting ready for final edit and lay-out.  Every bit of it has been worked over and analyzed.  I have checked all of the math, Tracey re-checked every chart and pattern, things were cut, condensed, or expanded as I looked again with fresh eyes.  The photos have been edited, organized, placed into folders.

    So this morning I sent everything back to Ann Budd for final edit.  Her schedule is crazy, but I am hoping that once she gets to it, the changes will be minimal and it can go to Sarah Grace to put all of the puzzle pieces together into a book.  It is very hard to let go and stop messing with things, so I am having a tough time.

    I am distracting myself by planning what is next.  I need to finish the last sleeve for Mithril, but first I think that I will knit Chelsea’s shawl, and I will share that with you.  If anyone else cares to knit-along, that would be welcome!  I am also training for the Portland marathon in October, and that is a very good outlet for my nervous energy.
    Stitches West is in two weeks, and I will get to visit with old friends and make some new ones, so I am looking forward to that.

    Fairly soon, I plan to update my blog to reflect the book, and may start to add teaser photos and details.  It will be a relief to do that, after keeping things under wraps for so long.

    So, I am nervous but excited, and very grateful for the tremendous team who is contributing their talents and supporting me with their energy and guidance.

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