It’s Dead, Jim

Well, it isn’t really “dead”, but I have always wanted to say that.

We need to replace the computer that I have been working on since the kids went to college.  Yep, it is that old.  We bought this computer when we moved to the house in 2001, and needed two computer stations with two kids in school.  The computer on the other desk has been replaced twice, as Bill got serious about photography, which is very tech-heavy these days and requires massive computer programs and storage.  When the kids left home, I took over the “window computer”, which is, of course, next to the window.  I have done all of my knitting design and writing on this desktop, and it has served me well.  Until this week, when all of the photos for the Book went into Dropbox.  Boom!  That was the sound of the computer maxing out.

Having the computer slow to a crawl reminded me of the days of dial-up, when I would turn the computer on, go get coffee, come back and log on, go get dressed, etc.  It really isn’t acceptable.  Bill did his best to clean out the hard drive and get it going, but I need more room, power, and speed.  I’ve moved to the “door” computer (Bill’s, and guess where it is?) but I need my Intwined software, and Microsoft word. The door computer is stuffed with Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which don’t do me any good at all!

So I am looking forward to a new computer and hoping that the transition isn’t too painful.  Fingers crossed!


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