• Lost knitting

    Knitting back where it belongs!

    Knitting back where it belongs!

    I lost my knitting yesterday.  Bill and I were doing a pick-up photoshoot for the Book, and the Jeep was piled with boxes – all of the Book projects, plus yarn, clothing, and photographic equipment.  I grabbed the final sleeve for Mithril, so that I would have something to knit while he set up.  I put the pattern, extra yarn, the finished sleeve for comparison, and the sleeve in progress all together in a big ziplock bag.  I was thinking about a lot of stuff, and loading the car took awhile, so it wasn’t until I was in the car seat that I realized I didn’t have the knitting.  Hmm.

    When we got home, I unpacked everything, and kept a lookout for the bag, while Bill left for another shoot.  No knitting.  I went through all of the tubs and bags, re-organizing as I went.  I called Bill to check the car. No knitting.  He stopped at the studio and checked there.  No knitting.  I went through every room I had been in while packing up, and cleaned and organized as I went.  No knitting.

    At this point I was wishing that I hadn’t put it all together.  if I just lost the sleeve in progress, I’d be fine, but the extra yarn and finished sleeve?  Yikes.  I wondered if the project hid itself in retaliation for not working on it for awhile.  But hey, I was busy!  I knit two Tawanka shawls (for the Book, you will see them later) and Chelsea’s shawl.  Mithril wasn’t a UFO (un-finished object), it was merely a NFO (not-finished project).  No disrespect intended.

    After cleaning several rooms in the house, I gave up.  Bill came home, empty-handed and adorably concerned about the lost knitting.  I went out to the garage to check the car myself.  Going around the back to my side of the car, I spotted the bag on the garage counter.  It made it that far, but not quite to the car.

    So, I have a cleaner house, organized knitting, and am going to get the sleeve done pronto, before it can try to get away again!

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  1. Bobbie says:

    How wonderful that you found yours. Heatherly’s Handspun in her Slipped Stitch bag is still lost in the Chicago airport… If any Stitches MIDWEST people want to inquire about it…. I am sure she would give you the stats! <3

  2. annetarsia says:

    Oh no! I won’t be there for a few days, but am looking forward to seeing her! Slipped Stitch bags are pretty memorable, maybe it will be turned into Lost and found. Fingers crossed.

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