Almost Finished Object (AFO)

Losing the Mithril sleeve gave me impetus to finish this long-simmering project before something else happened.  The sleeve had only the cap to complete, so I was done in no time.  I still have to sew the shoulders together and knit the neckline, which means blocking after that is done.  But the best thing about knitting a sweater in pieces is the chance to block every piece flat, just once.  So, I did.




FrontThe locking marker at the base of the neck marks the held live sts to be picked up.  The textured cable is a major feature of the design, and my favorite part to knit, so I am looking forward to doing that.  Then I’ll need to block the sweater again, but that will be easy, and the sweater pieces will be a breeze to seam now that they are blocked well.  Definitely worth the small amount of effort.



Finishing Mithril will need to wait, though, because I am headed to Stitches MidWest today!  It will be my first time at that event, and I am very excited to see old friends and meet new ones.

maplesTravel knitting is a test-knit for a Book project.  The very last test-knit, which is a mite sad.  But it is a very special design, created by one of my favorite people on the planet, so it is an honor and a joy to be knitting it.  Consider this a sneaky peek into the Book! ( I know, it’s not much.  More is coming, I promise!)








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