Stitches Midwest!

I had a fantastic time at Stitches Midwest.  The students were smart, curious and talented – enjoying classes and a fiber market that were packed with color, excitement, and adventure.  This was my first trip to Stitches Midwest, but it definitely will not be my last….

First, I settled into the room I shared with friend and fellow teacher, Anne Kuo Lukito.  We got a kick out of the TV in the bathroom mirror!tv in mirror

Then on to breakfast, where the Chicago skyline made me regret not having the chance to run while I was there.chicago  I had a great teaching experience, and enjoyed making new friends.  Jane is an exceptional knitter, and designed this double-knit hat, using mink yarn.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Jane's double-knit hat made of MINK YARN!

Jane’s double-knit hat made of MINK YARN!


Jane took two of my classes, and I really hope she takes a shine to intarsia, because I would love to see what she comes up with.  She knit the gorgeous sweater she is wearing, too.  What a woman.

Jane and her double knit hat

Jane and her double knit (and therefore reversible) hat



Diane making Argyle socks look pretty easy, indeed. There were a lot of spectacular swatches made in each class, and knitters caught on quickly. Too quickly – I may have to add content to my class plans for Stitches Midwest!  I was too busy to take many photos, which I now regret.    Diane was still knitting while I was packing up, so I got a chance to nab a photo.







veronica and kelly

Veronica Van of Dreaming in Color, Kelly King, and Anne wearing Chelsea’s Shawl

I wasn’t too busy to miss the Stitches Market, which was always abuzz.  Lester and I met Veronica Van, from Dream in color, who helped create Chelsea’s Shawl.  I happened to be wearing it in the market, and when Veronica saw me she introduced me to Chelsea’s mother, Kelly.  They had a booth in the market to support Chelsea’s Light Foundation, which is working to pass legislation to keep convicted sex offenders in prison.  It was amazing to meet these two incredible women.


I also met Sharon of KnittingAbacus, a bundle of energy and imagination.  I generally keep track of rows with a sheet of paper and pencil, but after trying her abacus, I’m a fan.  It is really easy to use, and I can move a bead after each row to keep track – and they don’t move until I move them again.  It’s amazing.  Right now that bracelet says that I have worked 24 rows.  She and her family make them by hand, and the beads are varied and beautiful.  Check them out.

Knitting Abacus

Knitting Abacus

I had the Lester bag from Dreaming of Shetland with me everywhere I went.  Lester is a knitter magnet, but it didn’t seem to go to his head.  He enjoyed every minute, as you can see as we knit with size 50 knitting needles at BagSmith.

Lester and I knitting on size 50 needles.

Lester and I knitting on size 50 needles.






I saw a good friend in the Market.  Jennifer from Holiday Yarns.  I used her wonderful sock yarn for the Oaks Park socks in the Book.  Jennifer has the most beautiful colors!  I picked up enough lovely yarn to knit a Rose City hat (also from the Book) because one of the models at the shoot really, really wants one (yes, Julie, you are getting a hat!).

Jennifer, of Holiday yarns

Jennifer, of Holiday yarns

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