• Roseleaves tunic

    I finished the tunic, and just love it.  Wearing it is a bit like wearing a shawl that doesn’t slip out of place.  I’m not sure how long it will last, as I expect it to catch on every little thing, but the yarn is pretty sturdy, and I can always make another one if it gets too ragged.

    Tomorrow is the Portland Marathon, so I am getting my gear laid out, and eating, drinking fluids and resting in preparation.  Experience has taught me that no matter what I do, the last 6 miles are dreadful.  Everything I do is about surviving that last 6 miles.  I saw a t-shirt at the Expo today that said “WTF? means Where’s the finish?”, and that will be running through my mind in the morning.  The weather looks to be great, so I just need a little bit of luck for a great race.

    Roseleaves tunic

    Roseleaves tunic

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  1. Beautiful!
    Good luck with your marathon tomorrow!

  2. bobbie says:

    Oh Anne It is so lovely and you in it is stunning

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