Stitches West 2014 – Argyle class

I just love teaching knitters the ins and outs of argyle socks. I’ve been teaching this class since Sock Summit 2009, and I not only am not tired of it, I’m enjoying the class more than ever. The yarns we have to knit argyles with just keep getting more amazing, it is super-fun to knit a sock “flat”, and watching knitters knit a gusset flat is just a hoot. Knitters seem to like it, too, there is a lot of laughter (when they are not concentrating), and sharing of yarn to put more and more colors into their swatches.

a study of concentration

a study of concentration


The Stitches West 2014 group was particularly enjoyable to be with. Toward the end of the day, some of them let me photograph them with their work.
photo 5(1)

a pop of orange...

a pop of orange…


Sandy dressed to match her swatch!  Funny how that happens, sometimes

Sandy dressed to match her swatch! Funny how that happens, sometimes

Disney colors Then, a few knitters got the idea to get all of the swatches together on a table.

a plethora of colorful swatches

a plethora of colorful swatches

photo 1(2)
I’ve since heard from a few of them by e-mail, with plans to knit their full-size argyles, and I look forward to finding out how they progress. All classes are special, but this is a group I wouldn’t mind scheduling a reunion with at Stitches West 2015!


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