“Annetarsia Knits” Cover

There were so many stunning images to choose from, that it was ridiculous.  There was one particular image from the Sunriver shoot that I really loved, and it was the working cover for a long time.  But it ended up not working well with the copy added to it.  Finally, the decision was made to start fresh, now that we knew what the copy would look like, and do a specific photo shoot for the cover.  Just one model, one or two projects, one location.  Even narrowing it down that much, the cover shoot was a full production.  Make-up and hair by the fabulous and irrepressible Chelsea Bowman, travel to the coast, setting up, and waiting for the light.  Also, the Oregon Coast in mid-January is FREEZING. Photoshoots are so glamorous….not.

Sara Olson is a terrific person, an absolute sweetheart, and a wonderful model.  She looks like an ordinary person in real life, honestly. Really, I’m not kidding.  Then, Bill gets behind the camera, she turns on the “model switch”  and she becomes this amazing looking, perfect being.  It’s a gift.

Bill is really good at what he does. It has been incredible watching him grow and develop his talent for photography.  photo 2(5)photo 2(4)He works so hard, and I’ve learned to stay out of his way when he is preparing and packing up.  But when he starts shooting he just lights up, and is so happy.  He is absolutely in his element, behind the lens. When the shoot is finished, his work really begins. Bill spends hours at the computer, refining and editing each shot, meticulously.  His patience and dedication are extreme.  I know how lucky I am to have a photographer who will take such care to get it right.  It isn’t just because he loves and supports me, either.  He puts the same care, time and thought into every single shoot that he takes on.

Bill took hundreds of shots, and we managed to narrow them down to 17 to fully edit.  That was still too many, but they were all so good!  Sarah Jaworowicz, the book designer, made 7 full potential covers to choose from, and I showed those to a few select people to get their reactions. That got us narrowed down to 3.

The final cover choice was one that everyone picked as either their first or second choice, but it wasn’t unanimous.   In the end, it was up to me.  I chose the winner for a few reasons.

1) I simply love this photo.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at it, and since I am going to live with this book for the rest of my life, that is important.

2) The shawl is the focal point.  The stitches are clear, the colors are lovely, it is all about the knitting, the yarn, the design.

3) Sara is beautiful, and happy, and comfortable.  There is no awkwardness, it appears natural and un-studied.  (Let me tell you, that is Bill and Sara’s talent creating that impression!)
Thank you so much to the following folks who contributed-

Photographer: Bill Berk, Cloud City Photography

Model: Sara Olson

Make-up and hair: Chelsea Kay Bowman

Photographer assistants: Lindsay Gilmour and Jon Morley

Cover design: Sarah Jaworowicz

Logo design: Joya Menashe

Cover selection input: Sarah Dimond, Lorilee Beltman, Matt Denkin, Andrea Wong, Lindsay Gilmour, Donna Druchunas, Elaine Blatt, Jill Betts, Stephanie Fleming, and some of Bill’s friends


Model, Sara Olson. Photographer, Bill Berk. Yarn, Plucky knitter Feet. Project, Namanu Shawl.  Location, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Model, Sara Olson. Photographer, Bill Berk. Make-up, Chelsea Bowman. Yarn, Plucky knitter Feet. Project, Namanu Shawl. Location, Cannon Beach, Oregon.


  1. Cheryl Scallon

    CONGRATULATIONS, Ann, Bill, Sara and Chelsea! Fantastic work!!

  2. Heidi

    Anne, that cover is just simply perfect! I just cannot wait for this book to become avialble….any ideas on a release date? ;)

  3. Thanks, Heidi! I am expecting to get the books in early June. I plan to start pre-orders in May, so that books can be shipped out as soon as they arrive.

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