Working from home

I’m working from home, today.  The hours fly by, as I am not interrupted by things like “routine”. This morning I spent about an hour trying to find a pattern for a sweater I designed 4 years ago.  I thought now might be a good time to tackle getting it published, now that the book is done.  I couldn’t find the pattern, anywhere, so I just started over, and tech-edited it from the finished garment.  When I re-knit it in a different yarn, I will have to adjust the pattern, but I feel pretty good about getting this much done.  Having a design that isn’t quite finished is a whole new level of UFO!

I also am trying to come up with ideas to expand my e-mail list, and make the launch of “Annetarsia Knits” a fun experience for everybody.  I realized, when told that I needed to do this, that I don’t really do “fun”.  I have a serious life with a lot of responsibility, and just keeping up with everything is generally good enough for me.  But, now that the book is done, I passed the Diplomate of ABO boards, and have no travel scheduled for the summer months, I think that trying to instill some fun in my life would be good for me.   We will see what form that ends up taking!

I am also working on blog post topics.  As the book gets launched, I can talk about projects and tips, etc, but leading up to that, I thought I would spotlight the wonderful yarn support that “Annetarsia Knits” has received.  I e-mailed a few of the dyers whose yarn makes my designs look so good.  Tina Newton’s response contained the magic words – “let’s make this fun!”.  I e-mailed right back and said “Help!”.  So we talked today, and I said that I suck at this, and she said, “Anne, actually it makes me feel kind of good to hear that you suck at something”.  I was taken aback for a minute, and then I laughed.  We never see ourselves the way others see us.

In case any of the rest of you labor under the misapprehension that I am in completely control at all times, I shall enlighten you.  My daughter also called today, and said that she wants to come visit this summer, when I will be home.  Yippee! …was my first reaction.  Uh oh…was the follow-up, as I have taken over her bedroom as my storage space. Here is what happens when stuff goes in, and doesn’t go out, for a few 2(6)






So the next hour was spent sorting, putting things away, and clearing the space.  It isn’t perfect, but there is room for the daughter, and the cat.  The yarn is put into the proper bags, and the needles are all organized where I can find them.



    • annetarsia

      Funny! I should have thought of that. The bedroom is so messy you wouldn’t be able to tell :)

  1. Paula Blazer

    Congratulations on the book finale. When can I expect mine to be mailed?

    • annetarsia

      preorders start this week, on the 20th. I will send out preordered books as soon as I can get them shipped to me. The official publication date is August 1. That is when they will be in stores and on Amazon.
      I plan to have books shipped to you much sooner! But I can’t know exactly when that will be.

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