Breathe. Just Breathe.

One of my greatest strengths is the ability to multi-task, but the past weeks have stretched my skills to the limit.  Every aspect of my life has major,  important things that need my constant attention, and I feel myself losing my grip. One to-do list isn’t enough.  I have a to-do list to manage my to-do lists, which is crazy, even for me.

A few big projects are getting finished, though.  My Craftsy class will be launching May 20th, and I am super-excited about that.  The Craftsy platform allows me to interact with students from home – which will be wonderful!  I can’t wait. titleCard

Donna Druchunas‘ new book “Stories in Stitches 3” is now available for pre-order, and a sock using my ITR technique is in the book!  I helped her design and knit the motif.  The socks look great, and it is fun to see that design go out into the world.

“Annetarsia Knits” is expected to ship from the printer next week, which means that it should be at the distributor a few weeks after that.  I need to know how many books I need sent up to me for mailing to knitters ASAP, so it is time to get pre-ordering available to all who are interested in getting books hot off the press!

I head to Manchester, NH next week for IK Knit Lab, where I will meet with Donna, who is shepherding me through the launch process.  I would be nowhere without her, although man, can she make a to-do list.  Sigh.  Anyway, we will making arrangements for pre-ordering “Annetarsia Knits” from this website.  I have to get everything on Ravelry, communicate with my test-knitters, rally the Dizzy knitter network, plan travel for Fall 2014, write a newsletter…well, you get the idea.  The to-do lists aren’t going away.

It’s all good, and very exciting, it is just a LOT to manage.  If you want to help, you can actually help me out by spreading the word among your friends and contacts, and invite them to join the e-mail list.  If everyone is in one place, I can communicate much more efficiently.  And, you know that Annetarsia is all about “easy”. So, help me out!


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