“Annetarsia Knits” hits Portland!

Of course, it has to arrive when I am out of town!  We had already delayed one day, and couldn’t wait longer, so Bill, the cats and I, headed to Sunriver.  Jedi decided to copilot.


Then, today, the truck arrived at the office! The staff (William, Kendy and Jenn) all pitched in to unload the boxes of books and direct where they will be stored. They are all very excited to have the books in house.

IMAG0235 IMAG0234 IMAG0233

William is going to load up the cartons of books that we were supposed to bring with us, and transport them to our niece, Lindsay.  She will bring them to Sunriver, this weekend, so I can sign them and get them packed up and labled. Now, the plan is to get them to the post office on Monday.



Even though my plans keep falling through, apparently that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to make new ones :)

Thank you to everyone who has worked together to get this done.  It has been an exercise in teamwork, patience and persistence, that is for sure!  (The cat will tell you that she is simply exhausted)


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