Still waiting…

“Annetarsia Knits” was supposed to arrive, today. All day long, I was pestering the staff.  “Are they here, yet?” Finally, at 3pm, I called Unicorn Books and Crafts to see if they could find out where the books are.  Bless Josh’s heart, he made some calls, and discovered that there was good news, and bad news.  The good news is that the books were less than 2 miles from my office. The bad news was that they were still loaded on the big truck, waiting to be transferred to another truck, for delivery to the office, tomorrow.

Bill and I were planning to head out of town tonight, and I didn’t want to break it to him that I wasn’t going to leave without books.  So, I asked Bill to call the trucking company to see if we could pick up some cartons tonight.  But, no.  My pallet is having one more sleepover with all of the other pallets that came up from California.

Bill, living up to his status as “greatest husband in the world”, took the delay in leaving town pretty well.  He doesn’t LIKE it, but we are going to make the best of it.  We will be at the office bright and early tomorrow, and if they don’t come right away we will have breakfast together. Maybe lunch, too, but I really hope the truck gets there early!

Because I have no books to show you, here is another addition to the family, this week!  Meet my grand-kitty, Milo.  A friend of Deborah’s found him stranded in a Taco Bell parking lot, hiding in a bush.  Deborah has adopted him and is in love.  Can you blame her?



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