Annetarsia Rules!

Sunriver Scarf

Sunriver Scarf

Have you tried my new Annetarsia technique yet? It makes knitting intarsia fast and rhythmic. Here’s a cheat-sheet of tips that will help make your intarsia knitting projects fun and successful.  These are tips that I am posting on Twitter all month, but they are here – if you need to refer to them!

  • The time you spend in preparing Yarn supplies allows you to knit, uninterrupted.
  • Leave the ball of yarn at home. Knit free, with well-managed yarn supplies. Have fun with color!
  • Bury the ends in links now, or later. You are the boss of the ends.
  • Small bits of yarn go a long way, with annetarsia.
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! We need fuel to do annetarsia so fast!
  • Are you knitting in good light? You want to see your terrific annetarsia.
  • Follow charts for Motif, but if you get off track, who will know?
  • When your yarn supplies have a party, shake the work gently. Mess may resolve itself.
  • Place post-it note ABOVE the row you are knitting, so you can see the motif being knit.
  • Reward yourself for finishing a section of color. Annetarsia is fun.
  • Carry extra yarn supplies in ziptop baggies, in case you need them.
  • Have chenille needles and small scissors with you, so you can do annetarsia anywhere.
  • Bobbins keep your yarn close to the needle. Avoids tangles but slows annetarsia.
  • 3998_Still_0012Tangles? Unwind butterfly that is stuck, and re-wind. Mess may resolve itself.
  • Pro: Bobbins = security. Con: Bobbins = Slow progress.
  • Spread your fingers to get as large a butterfly as possible.
  • Single strands should be shorter than your height,for easiest use.
  • Butterflies get messy as they are used up. Re-wind as needed.
  • Un-knitting a row is OK, if you want to change something you JUST NOW knit.
  • Don’t remove your needles from work and rip out. Duplicate stitch can be the hero.
  • Duplicate stitch can change the color of a stitch. Shh, don’t tell anyone, they’ll never know.
  • Keep links relaxed between sections. You can tighten links later, but you can’t loosen them up.
  • You are the boss of your knitting!

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