Updating my Class list

Now that “Annetarsia Knits” is getting into knitters hands, it is time to re-work my class list to reflect my take on the intarsia technique.  I have been working for months on developing new classes. I want to strike a good balance between taking knitters to another level, and not intimidating knitters who have not practiced the techniques.

Oaks Park Intarsia garter class3 inside Annetarsia Annetarsia, ITR anneberk.intarsiamotif.image1.jpg

I love teaching many of my current classes, and they remain popular.  So, a number of them are staying in the mix. It isn’t possible to get tired of teaching a class when you love the subject, and watching people have fun while learning something new.  Every class is different, as the emphasis changes according to who attends class.  There are no tests to take, no scores to give – I have the luxury of discovering what the students need to know,  and tailoring the class to them.

I will be teaching some of these classes for the first time at Stitches Midwest, and Stitches East. Hope to see some of you there!  In the meantime, check out my new Class page

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