New Colorwork patterns

I’ve added 2 patterns to my Ravelry store.  They are a direct result of the Simply Stunning Colorwork class on Craftsy.  The class project is a scarf worked in 2 colors, but many of the stitch patterns require (or are more fun) with more colors, so I knit another scarf to play with that.  I still had yarn left, and felt like knitting Tri-color Linen stitch, so I also knit a vest.  I thought students might like to knit these two, or at least have the patterns to play with.  Craftsy doesn’t have a way to add patterns to classes, so we came up with a plan.  I had the patterns tech-edited by Daniella Nii, and the pattern layout is by Sarah Jaworowicz.  Photos by Bill Berk (of course!) The patterns are now available on Ravelry to whoever would like them.  Students in my class have access to a coupon code which they can use to get either or both patterns at no charge, thanks to Tammy Burke, who made that happen.

I feel so grateful to have a stellar team of people who I can count on to make things happen.  It is one thing to dream, but you need help to make dreams come true, and the adventure of getting there is amazing.


If you are interested in the designs, join the class!  Click Here  for a 50% coupon .  Check class announcements for the coupon code for both patterns.  You can take the class and get both patterns for $15!  Such a deal.  And, the class is great.  I am having a wonderful time with all of the students.  Join us!

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