the Knitting Boutique, Glen Burnie, MD

Yarn stores are a very particular type of place.  Unlike many types of stores, they have personalities all their own, and knitters have certain expectations when they enter one.  This isn’t really fair because they aren’t homes, they are businesses.  But, somehow, when a knitter enters a good local yarn store (LYS), it feels as if we have come home.  The Knitting Boutique is a very good LYS, and I felt at home immediately.  It is on the small, intimate side (“boutique” suits it well), with carefully chosen yarn lines, most of which are locally produced just for them, and reflect their Maryland locale.

Over the weekend I taught “Annetarsia: Be the Boss of your intarsia”, and “Argyle socks”.  The classroom was roomy and bright, and the students were enthusiastic and terrific knitters.  This is a wonderful community, and I enjoyed my time there, very much.

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My friend Donna Druchunas will be there, Sept 26-27, and I recommend that you check to see if there is space available for her classes, here.

For those who can’t visit regularly, check out their new Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast, and sign up to subscribe.  This will at least give you a taste of the community, and connect you to them in a very entertaining and informative way.

The sweater I knit from Sassafrass yarn, “Sassy” was a lot of fun to knit.  The pattern is being laid out, now, and I’ll post here when it is available.

sassyNot being ready to stop knitting with the Knitting Boutique’s wonderful yarn, I picked up some Anacostia worsted in the “Baltimore Maryland” colorway.  I’m planning to cast on for Sally Melville’s “L’enveloppe”  as soon as I finish the project I’m currently working on. Can’t wait to start swatching!