Annetarsia Knits is available for the KnitCompanion platform!

KCdesigns knitcompanionBig news for Annetarsia knitters!  When I was writing Annetarsia Knits, I desperately wanted knitters to be able to control the chart colors, and change them to the colors they wanted to knit with.  Sally Holt is the genius behind knitCompanion, which does more than any other medium to allow knitters to manipulate and monitor knitting patterns, using electronic media.  We talked about creating an Annetarsia app that would work with Annetarsia patterns and charts.  The technology just wasn’t there yet to control the colors, and we couldn’t make the app happen.  But now, it can be done, and you don’t even need an app!  kCDesigns will take the Annetarsia PDF and put it into knitCompanion, and you can change colors with Magic Markers, keep track of where you are in the pattern and chart, and all the other amazing things that her software does.
kC makes knitting with iPad, iPhone, or other tablets a very practical and enabling option.  Sally is a real knitter, who just happens to be brilliant with technology, also.  We are SO lucky to have her working hard to combine our craft with 21st century technology.  I don’t really understand any of it, but I don’t have to because SALLY DOES.  I am proud, happy, excited, honored, and all of the other adjectives, that Annetarsia is included in kC’s new store.  Sally really does the work to make everything as easy and fun to use as possible, and she really gets into the details – so we don’t have to do anything but follow along and knit.
The Create2Thrive shop is integrated with Ravelry and the Annetarsia shop is linked with them:
1. If you already purchased the ebook on Ravelry you can purchase individual kCDesigns.  The shop knows you already own the PDF.  Isn’t that great?  Sally thinks of everything.
2. If you haven’t yet purchased the ebook, when you purchase kcdesigns from the book you automatically purchase a copy of the ebook as well.  Your ebook purchase is done directly with my Ravelry store and you get the ebook in your ravelry library.
What is a kCDesign? Its a new pattern format built on top of the PDF that comes right into knitCompanion with all the setup work already done. Keys, charts, written instructions, row markers, “at the same time” reminders and repeats are all right there. You can add magic markers to change chart colors and color code stitches. With a kCDesign you have all the tracking features of knitCompanion with none of the setup.