Husky Homestead – Musk Ox land tour #CraftCruises

One of the highlights of the Land tour was our visit to the Husky Homestead, where Alaskan huskies are bred and trained to run.  The owner, Jeff King, has won the Iditarod 4 times, and his daughter gave us a guided tour.  The whole staff and dogs are one big family, and watching them all work and play together was inspiring.  Alaskan huskies are bred for focus, speed, and endurance – not appearance.  So, they all look really different from each other.  They are are wiry, fast, loving and don’t sit still, very much!  Being spring, there were puppies, and we all got a cuddle.  The big dogs want to cuddle, too!

One of our favorite stops was the Husky Homestead, where we met Alaskan husky puppies. They are bred to run, and this little guy may race 1000 miles across Alaska in the Itidarod, someday!

Someone demands a hug!

The adult dogs are just big cuddly babies. Unless the harnesses come out, then they are all business. They are born to run!