Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat

I look forward to February every year, because it contains 2 of my favorite fiber events: Madrona Winter Retreat, and Stitches West.  First up was Madrona, and although it is always wonderful, this year the vibe seemed especially up-beat and relaxed.

I’ve been knitting with Marly Bird’s Chic Sheep yarn for Red Heart, for months.  100% superwash merino, it is delightful to knit with, or I never would have made it.  I designed the Chic Sheep Dream Blanket for her, and knit the sample for her to display at CreativeBug.  Then she wanted ANOTHER one to display at Stitches West.  When I hesitated, she said that I could keep this one after Stitches West.  I was planning on knitting one for myself eventually, anyway, so I cast on again! I call mine “Blankie 2” and am extremely fond of it.  This yarn is so plush and cozy, that I loved knitting it, and as you knit it keeps your lap warm!

I knit a Dizzy scarf with the Chic Sheep leftovers, because that is the way I roll!  I knew before I was very far along that Marly needed to have one of these (she can’t drag the blanket everywhere), so this one has her name on it.  I will give it to her in a few days when we room together at West.

Blankie #2 fits Deborah’s bed, perfectly!

A Dizzy scarf, knit with all 24 colors of Chic Sheep merino yarn, by Marly Bird and Red Heart yarn.

Both finished projects went with me to Madrona, and were featured on my table in the Teacher’s Gallery for the first time.

Quick shot of my table at the Madrona Teacher’s Gallery

I was so busy that I didn’t get a lot of photos, but I did manage to catch a shot of John Mullarkey’s fabulous R2D2 belt, done with Tablet weaving.  I really have to find the time to get my tablet loom warped, but I can barely manage a shoelace.  John’s work is amazing.

John Mullarkey, the tablet-weaving guru, shows his expertise with this wonderful belt! #Tabletweavinggoals

Classes were wonderful – Madrona students are very quick, astute and curious, and keep me on my toes.  In the Zipper installation class, I did grab a shot of one student’s truly outstanding work.  Zippers don’t need to look this clean and neat on the wrong side (mine rarely do), but now I am inspired to go a little more slowly and aim for this, because it looks wonderful!

Just goes to show you how good the “wrong side” of a zipper sewn into a handknit can look.

Now, I’ve unpacked all the Madrona classes, and re-packed for Stitches West.  Jasmine was helping me pack, as you see.

Jasmine found a cozy spot in the closet, to help me pick which knits to take to Stitches West.

See you in Santa Clara, this weekend!