Underwood is blocked, and a perfect fit!

Today, I tried on my blocked sweater, and my version of  Underwood is perfection.  It fits like a soft, warm glove and honestly, I still haven’t taken it off.  I love this sweater!  Here are photos of me wearing it, and close-ups of the shoulder.  Notice that the shoulder seam fits exactly wear it should.  My cross-back measurement is 13 inches, and this sweater measures 13.25 inches, which is about as close as anyone could wish.  I’ve added the photo from yesterday, pre-blocking, so that you can see the subtle differences.  I’ll remind you that my swatching showed that stitch gauge did not change with blocking.  So, I did not alter any stitch counts when knitting the pattern.  Blocking softened and smoothed the fabric as the yarn fulled slightly.  My row gauge did change with blocking, though.  My unblocked swatch was 7 rows/in, and my blocked gauge was 8 rows/in (what the pattern is calculated for).  I knit one extra row for every inch of knitting, to compensate.  I measured gauge for the sweater today, and sure enough, I got 8 rows/inch, and now the waist shaping is in the right place and the sleeves are just the right length.  The knitting is much smoother around the hem, and the wrinkles under my arm are gone, as the entire armhole was lifted just enough for a perfect fit.  My husband, who took these photos, really loves this sweater and commented on the detailing at the neck.  Bill is so used to me churning out projects right and left that he doesn’t comment all that often, so this is a big thumbs up!  I will definitely be wearing this sweater often.  I love having new things to share to classes when I teach, and Underwood will be on the dress form in a couple of weeks, when I teach my Gauge Master Class for VKL!

Reminder of the finished sweater, worn un-blocked.  It was knit slightly too large to adjust for the expected row gauge change, after blocking.

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