Checking in: Gramercy Park progress

It’s been a very busy few weeks.  I taught for VKL in May, and offered a new class for my Stripe series: the search for a Jogless Jog.  Teaching a class for the first time is always stressful, and I worked really hard in preparation.  All of the classes went well, the students were just terrific!  But then, I jumped back into my optometric practice and the pace certainly didn’t slow down.  We are very busy and the staff is working really hard to take care of everyone.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about, and am grateful for my busy and successful life.  But, I am having trouble keeping my energy level up, and something has to give.  I guess this month it is going to be my knitting, and the blog!  I’m still knitting, of course, but I’ve let myself coast a bit.  Knitting Gramercy Park is entertaining and easy, and I’m just letting myself make pieces of the sweater and will put them together, later.  I got the back blocked, but subsequent pieces are being put in a pile while I just knit more of them!  I knit the front, both sleeves, and then started on the back with the blue yarn.  I seriously thought about blocking the white pieces, even sewing the shoulders….but nah.  Let’s just keep knitting.  This is what personal knitting is for – no deadline, just do what feels good.  I really want to explore the Gramercy Park videos and see what Patty suggests for finishing, before I just do whatever I would usually do.  I just don’t have the mental energy for that, right now.  So, I will just keep knitting, and have all of the pieces ready for when it feels like time to explore those videos.  Something to look forward to!

Something else to look forward to: I have a date set for the first in-person meeting of my knitting group, in over a year.  June 6th.  Such good news!  My life has gotten really narrow.  Work at the office, work at home…rinse, repeat.  Also, our daughter has booked a flight home to visit, her first trip home in a few years.  Her bedroom became Knitting Storage Central, when she left for college.  I’ve kept it pretty organized, but now it is full of crates containing what I use for teaching classes, and I have some work to do clearing that out.  I welcome reasons to organize and clean, as it needs to be done once in awhile, but without specific motivation, I generally find other things to do!

I’m trying to get some exercise daily, but again, I do whatever feels good at the time.  I’m not training or keeping track of goals, at all.  If I feel like running, I run.  If I don’t, I’ll do whatever Cathe DVD workout feels familiar and fun.  The sun is out today, for the first time in awhile.  It’s my day to work at home, and I think I might go for an easy run.  Then start on my very long list of Things To Do.



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