New Class Alert for VKL Seattle. Early Bird pricing ends March 8!

It’s been a crazy few months of non-stop work.  Happy Valley Vision Source has been hopping, and keeping us all busy.  Also, I’ve started to teach knitting virtually again, and have my first in-person teaching events planned for April.  I’ve been updating all of my classes so that they can be taught virtually or in-person, which is harder than it sounds.  The rhythm is very different and it is really going to be interesting teaching several classes over the next 6 weeks and changing tracks from Zoom to in-person and back again!

Just to make things MORE interesting, when VKL asked me to teach my Buttonhole class in Seattle, I had a flash of inspiration.  I hadn’t re-tooled that class for virtual teaching yet, and could have just taught the class as I always have.  For some reason, I decided to re-design the whole class from scratch.  My previous class contained several buttonholes, but also had a lot of content concerning appropriate edgings, button considerations and how to sew buttons.  However, I’ve been in love with Anna Zilboorg’s “Perfect Buttonhole” for years and it is pretty fiddly to create.  There wasn’t time to include it in my previous Buttonhole class.  So, I decided to concentrate solely on Buttonholes this time, and this will be so much fun!  I have a few complex ones to teach, some easy ones, and some that are more decorative.

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