Pleasure knitting that got a little bit out of hand…

I’ve been working hard on converting knitting classes for the new era of in-person AND on-line learning.  I wanted something fun to knit during this effort that didn’t involve an actual class that I teach.  To clear my palate, as it were. My process for this during the pandemic has been to shop my stash.  Usually I choose a yarn first, then go to the library for ideas.  I’m not sure where I bought this Regia Digital Future Color sock yarn, by Schachenmayr (Probably WEBS, this looks like an anniversary sale item to me).  The fun, cheerful colors spoke to me on a dreary April day, so I nabbed them and started looking at sock patterns.  I was really looking for something interesting but mindless, as I had a lot going on in April.  But, then I saw the Manolo pattern in my Sock binder and I was smitten by the details and strong femininity of the design. Created by Yarnissima, it was a Twist Collective pattern and is still available on Ravelry.  It might be available elsewhere, also.

manalo close-up detail of foot cabling

Detail of foot cabling

This pattern has several charts and does require some concentration, but Wow, it is so much fun to knit!  When I tried the first sock on, I was completely smitten, and after blocking it looked and felt even better!  The yarn is quite firm, and held up well to all of the cabling and twisted stitches. These are socks that I will wear around the house without shoes, and they are super comfortable.  When I finished the pair, I wasn’t ready to stop knitting them.  I didn’t have another project lined up, and there was another skein of identical yarn just SITTING there.  So, I started a second pair of identical socks, and now when one disappears I won’t panic.

photo of all 4 socks

Two blocked socks, one finished unblocked sock, one sock in-progress, and yarn label

Modeling the WIP. Just need to knit the leg!

Almost done with 2nd sock of 2nd pair, which is good.  Because now I have several projects lined up to knit!  I plan to blog about them, and be more active with posting, so watch for that!

This has been a difficult few years, but I am as excited about knitting, knitters and the potential for sharing my love in person and on-line as I have ever been.  Thanks for being patient when I’m not posting much.  I appreciate all of my fellow knitters, and being able to post my crazy stuff for those who will appreciate my obsession passion as much as I do!

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