“Annetarsia Knits” entered the Unicorn warehouse this week, and 34 cases of books immediately were put on new transport and left the building.  32 cases are coming to me, and 2 cases to Village Yarn and Fiber, to be distributed to the Dizzy knitters who helped shape the book.  Bill and I are leaving town next week, for a *gasp* vacation.  Unscheduled time with no knitting events, no optometric events, just rest.  Thinking back, the last time we did this was in 2006, before the kids were out of school.

Then, of course, the call from Unicorn changed everything.  I arranged to have books immediately freighted to me, and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  I kicked into high gear and got the last of the mailing labels addressed for the pre-ordered books.  Tonight I broke the news to Bill that we had to find room in the car for 6 cases of books.  Plus the bubble bags for mailing.  Bill, being the best husband in the world, only skipped a tiny beat before saying, “I guess we will need to take the Jeep” (the biggest car we own).

Actually, I can think of nothing better to do on my vacation than autograph books without distraction.  When I’m done, we will load them up, drive to town, and ship ’em out!

So, if you get a PayPal notice that your book is scheduled to ship, that means your label is ready and waiting for your book!  Coming soon to your doorstep…with all of my best wishes for your Annetarsia adventure.



  1. Nadine

    Thanks for your update. When I saw the Paypal shipping notice I panicked as I was heading to the beach also and did not want my book to be left alone on the porch until I got back. Now I know we will all be at the beach. No worries.

    • annetarsia

      I’m going to be posting when anything new happens, so you will know where the books are! I’m really hoping that you have the book by NEXT weekend. Have a great time at the beach!

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