A new sweater project

It seems like awhile since I’ve knit a sweater.  I’ve been knitting lots of smaller projects in the past year – shawls and socks.  There have been good reasons for this, but when I was knitting only to please myself I was generally drawn to larger projects: sweaters, afghans, and more sweaters.  I don’t really need more sweaters, as I have knit more of them than I can possibly wear.  But I really like to knit them.  So, lately I have been eyeing sweater patterns more seriously.


Last week I picked up a copy of Noro Magazine Fall 2014.  I’m not sure why, because I have a wary relationship with Noro.  The colors and the yarn are great, but it feels like I never know what it is going to look like, knit up.  Every skein is different, and not predictable.  The description will be something like “maroon, hot pink, and forest green”, but I look at the skein and see gray.  What’s up with that?  There is more trust than usual when working with this brand.

However, I saw this sweater designed by Stacey Gerbman in a fun slipped stitch pattern, with the unlikely name of “32 A-line raglan tunic”, and it looked like fun to knit and wear.  So, when I was shopping at Webs on-line during this weekend, and found that I had hit the amount where I got a discount and free shipping, I looked the yarn up.  It is Kureyon, which I’ve worked with and loved, and the very colors used in the sample pattern were available.  Of course, the skein and description on the website didn’t match the magazine at all, but I was prepared for that.  The thought “Life is like a skein of Noro, you don’t know what’s inside” went through my head as I clicked the yarn into my cart.  I’ve reached the stage in my knitting where I am having fun again, and willing to take a risk and be surprised.


When the box comes, I’ll photograph the yarn and we will see what it looks like!  I’m planning to knit it right away, too, I’m curious to see how it works up.

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