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I am a fortunate person in that I have friends – people whom I love and who love me, and we support each other.  I never, ever take that for granted.  I thought of this today as I finished up the 3 weaving projects I’ve been working on.  Currently taking a bath, waiting for wet-finishing, they will be given to people who will know that a hand-made gift is from my heart, and they will cherish these pieces.  I’m happy that they are turning out a LOT better than my first projects, as I have studied and practiced weaving, now!  I’m really happy with how they are turning out, and will get both of my rigid heddles warped for more projects before the day is out.  IMG_2274








I’m also thinking of people around the world who need medical care and are dependent on volunteer organizations to get it. I’m thinking of those volunteers who risk becoming sick themselves, leave their friends and family, and have very hard lives delivering that care.  So I am going to remind you, again, to spread the word about “Nancy’s ColorPlay bag”, which is for sale on Ravelry.  Every penny of the $2 donation will go to Doctors without Borders.  There is no time limit, any proceeds from this pattern will always be donated.  But this pattern would make a terrific gift for a knitter, and the bags are quick, stash-busting knits which would make great gifts for anyone.  To buy the pattern, click HERE.   This bag was featured in the ColorPlay section of “Annetarsia Knits” and was designed by Nancy Powell Thompson.  The pattern was cut from the book because of space limitation, but so many knitters fell in love with it when on display at Stitches East, we decided to release the pattern as a fund-raiser. 13.5Bill-6330

One of Nancy's ColorPlay bags

One of Nancy’s ColorPlay bags

I did a blog post on using Annetarsia methods in knitting a bag, if so desired.  That post is HERE





This morning I sent out an e-mail to knitters/designers/teachers that I am fortunate to know, and asked for their help in spreading the word, as I need to get beyond my circle.  Already I have heard back from some of them, with promises to blog and post about the project.  We have been stalled at 41 sales for a few weeks, and already we are up to 49, just a few hours after that e-mail!  I am so thankful to be in a generous, supportive community. Knitters really can make a difference – in our own lives, the lives of ones we love, and the lives of people we will never meet.  That is a powerful gift.

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