Checking in from the Covid-19 bunker…

The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating in many ways, but I always try to look for ways to flip a situation and see what good can come out of it.  The time I’ve had at home has been productive.  Maybe not as productive as it OUGHT to have been, but hey, it’s a stressful time, right?

There has been knitting. Anyone surprised?

Knit a tunic for work, out of ancient stash. I hadn’t knit with a novelty yarn in years. It was nice to be reminded of the interesting fabric it creates. Lightweight and drapey, this top turned out well Knitting a pattern by Romi Hill is such a treat! She has done all the work, you just need to follow her clear instruction for hours of happy knitting! I used stash yarn for this project, as I happened to have the exact yarn she recommended – had been saving for something special. KAL with Franklin Habit. Fun project using Mosaic knitting

There has been baking.  Lots and lots of baking.

Double batch of biscotti. I like to have these cookies around, for when I just want a nibble of something.

Sandwich bread, with just a bit of whole wheat flour.

Whole wheat sandwich bread.

Bill’s new favorite bread is Challah. Rich, soft and tasty! For about 2 wks, this was the only bread Bill wanted, so I’ve gotten really good at this recipe. When you repeat a recipe over and over, you get faster and more sloppy, but every loaf has been fantastic. I’d been told that Challah makes great French toast, but we ate each loaf so quickly that it wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th batch that we tried it. Wow, no kidding. Best French toast, ever.

First time baking hamburger buns! Made half of the batch into a bread loaf, both turned out terrifically.

Chocolate chip cookies, using a Bob’s Red Mill gluten free mix. Yum!

French bread is tricky, and I’ve never been happy with my homemade recipes. This time I used a baking stone, and yes, it made a difference! Yay!

There has been weaving…

Cotton yarn from my go-to weaving yarn source, WEBS (

There has been running….

When it was raining on a run, I took shelter under this lilac bush. Spring, in Oregon!

It has been nice to have the time to be home and do things that I love to do.  And boy, I have plenty that I can do, at home! The days fly by.


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