Let’s get organized!

When stuck at home for weeks, it’s a great time to get organized, right?  Who else thought you were going to get a whole lot of cleaning done?  Right…… time slips away pretty fast.

Well, I really wanted to get SOMETHING done, so I decided to tackle the room that has been my staging area for Annetarsia stuff – designing, teaching, preparing samples for classes, etc.  This was Deborah’s room, but after she moved away to college, she moved to the opposite coast, so she is very rarely home.  This room was a MESS.  Now, I wish I had taken “before” photos.  I knew where everything was, I had a “system”, and I couldn’t figure out how to organize things to look neater but still be able to put my hands on what I wanted, quickly.  Finally, I had Bill come up to the room to look at it with me, and give me a fresh perspective.  It worked!

All of the stuff I need to teach each class got washed and packed up neatly into separate, labeled bins, and put in the attic.  Who knows if or when I will ever teach again, but now I am very prepared and organized.  Getting that out of the room really opened up space.

This is one of 5 bookcases this size, that are filled with my knitting/craft book collection. Oops, 6, if you include my weaving books! Yes, I have a lot of books. I’ve started giving some away, to good homes. But, I bought them all for a reason, and I’m in and out of the bookcases, constantly.

My Chic Sheep yarn stash. I have leftover bits from intarsia projects, partial skeins in front, full skeins in back. I’m glad that I have a stash, because this yarn line might be going away, and I absolutely love it. So easy to work with. Get some fast, if you don’t have any!

My daughter, Deborah, gave me this hand-drawn poster for Christmas a few years ago. We are all Tolkien fans, and I have identified with Smaug, the dragon for years. I can “tell” when something is missing from my stash, and I can’t rest until I find it. This sums it up, pretty perfectly.

This is now a usable guest room, even if you are a normal human being who doesn’t want to be surrounded by mounds of yarn and projects.  I’m super happy with it, and will move on (maybe) to my yarn and knitting needle stashes.  Yes, I have more than one yarn stash, and they are in other rooms.  Hey, yarn, knitting needles and notions are tools, and everyone who works with tools knows that they are important, and they take room.  Show me a man with only one screwdriver!  No apologies, people.  I am very grateful to have acquired a pretty spectacular stash over the years, and I plan to enjoy it!

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